D1089/001/03 - Database for the Atlas of Freshwater Fishes

Subject Fish
Abstract A collated information source on the distribution of all freshwater and estuarine fish species for Britain. The data are derived from a variety of sources and as such were collected by both professionals and volunteers.
Species Groups Bony Fish (Actinopterygii) [5178], Jawless Fish (Agnatha) [155]
Geographic Coverage/Site Name General: British Isles
Geographic Coverage Notes There are records from throughout the UK and some parts of Ireland, although recording density is strongest in England and Wales.
Dataset Owner Biological Records Centre (BRC)
Dataset Contact Andy Brewer
Date Range 1938 - 2003
Total Records 5333
Restriction Details Standard Restrictions Only
Acknowledgements Biological Records Centre (NBN Download, 13/11/2019).
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Original Title Database for the Atlas of Freshwater Fishes
Purpose Records are collated in order to add to knowledge of this group, including distribution, population trends, autecology and phenology. In addition, the scheme works with all contributing recorders to raise the profile of the species group and its conservation. Sharing the data via NBN helps achieve these aims.
Verification/Validation Procedures Records have been subject to routine validation by BRC.
Data Collated by Biological Records Centre (BRC)
Dataset Category Category 01: Dataset derived from Biological Records Centre or National Scheme/Society
Dataset Status Not Known
Data Entry Project Completion Date N/A
Date Imported 14/11/2019