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Record an Alien

Have you seen any of these?

Signal Crayfish  Chinese Muntjac    Mink     Floating Pennywort    Harlequin Ladybird
Giant Hogweed   Parrot's-feather   Red-eared Terrapin     Himalayan Balsam
                  Zebra Mussel  Chinese Mitten Crab   Japanese Knotweed  Killer Shrimp

Apart from their exotic names, these species all have something else in common: they are all aliens which have or could be recorded in North Wales! Together with many other introduced species they pose a threat to our native wildlife. That's why the North Wales and Dee Invasive Non Native Species Forum have picked these species for their 'Record An Alien' project, hosted by Cofnod.

Knowing where these species occur will help stop their spread. So if you've seen any of these Aliens, please submit the record to us, ideally using our Online Recording System (more details below). Otherwise you can email us or use our standard recording spreadsheet (see the Submit Records page). Please submit records of Chinese Mitten Crab using the new Mitten Crab Recording Project website.

Recording Aliens Online

If you are not registered on the Cofnod website, please fill in a registration form (this should only take a couple of minutes).

If you are already registered, log in then follow the instructions below...

Choose Enter Records Button then Record an Alien Button  then

Then pick the species from the screen that pops up, or choose 'More Information'  to get a 'species fact file' from the GB non-native species secretariat website.

You then need to enter when and where you saw the species and any other details like how many etc.

Thank you for entering your records and helping make North Wales an 'Alien Free Zone'