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Are you interested in finding out more about wildlife? If so, volunteers are needed to help with national or locally run surveys. Sometimes training is available as part of these but our calendar also has details of other training courses, which may help improve your species identification and survey skills. Use the search facility to choose between Surveys Surveys, Training Training, Events Events or Meetings Meetings, or search by date or keywords.

Our calendar is not exhaustive and we need you to send us details of relevant events to keep it up to date. You may also find details of other biodiversity related events on the Wales Biodiversity Partnership website.


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An introduction to listening to bats using bat detectors. Dr Cathy Wuster will be giving advice on what type of bat detector to start out with and how to use it to recognise different species of bats. You will then be taken on a short, virtual bat walk, with an introduction to four commonly heard species and one iconic species from our Celtic Rainforests here in Wales, the Lesser Horseshoe bat.

This course, run in partnership with Celtic Rainforests Wales, will be on Zoom and you'll be provided with an access link and password after bookings have been taken.

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