D1811/002/01 - Additional miscellaneous species records from Bill Ely (Additional historic records)

Subject Miscellaneous
Species Groups Acarine (Acari) [7], Crustacean [2], Flowering Plant [7], Insect - Beetle (Coleoptera) [4], Insect - Butterfly [1], Insect - Hymenopteran [3], Insect - Moth [1], Insect - Orthopteran [2], Insect - True Bug (Hemiptera) [6], Insect - True Fly (Diptera) [19], Millipede [2], Mollusc [3]
Geographic Coverage/Site Name Vice-County: All 5 North Wales Vice-Counties
Dataset Owner Bill Ely
Dataset Contact Bill Ely
Date Range 1987
Total Records 57
Restriction Details Standard Restrictions Only
Acknowledgements Bill Ely
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Original Title Additional miscellaneous species records from Bill Ely
Module Description Additional historic records
Dataset Category Category 04: Dataset awaiting/undergoing assessment as part of the Data Verification Process
Dataset Status Dataset Complete
Data Entry Project Completion Date N/A
Date Imported 26/03/2019