D1104/001/02 - Lacewings and allied insects records from Britain and Ireland to 1999

Subject Insects
Abstract Data are derived from the Neuroptera Recording Scheme and held at BRC. This dataset includes taxa from the orders: Neuroptera, Megaloptera, Raphidioptera and Mecoptera. The scheme was restarted in 1988 by Colin Plant and the data in this dataset were published in a provisional atlas in 1994 (details below).
Species Groups Insect - Alderfly (Megaloptera) [99], Insect - Lacewing (Neuroptera) [741], Insect - Scorpion Fly (Mecoptera) [125], Insect - Snakefly (Raphidioptera) [1]
Geographic Coverage/Site Name General: British Isles
Geographic Coverage Notes The dataset gives very good coverage of England and Wales, reasonable coverage of Scotland and patchy coverage of Ireland.
Dataset Owner Biological Records Centre (BRC)
Dataset Contact Andy Brewer
Date Range 1881 - 1999
Total Records 966
Restriction Details Standard Restrictions Only
Acknowledgements Biological Records Centre (NBN Download, 28/09/2019)
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Original Title Lacewings and allied insects records from Britain and Ireland to 1999
Temporal Coverage Notes The dataset spans 1908-1999 but most of the records are post-1970. There was a peak of recording around 1990, following the revival of the Recording Scheme.
Purpose To establish a baseline of information on the lacewings of Britain and Ireland and to consider the economic importance of lacewings as predators of aphids.
Capture Methods Various collecting methods were employed, including light traps, Malaise traps, pitfall traps, water traps and sweeping. BRC RA68 recording cards were used for much of the data capture, with the records being converted to electronic format at BRC.
Verification/Validation Procedures Records were validated and verified by the Scheme organiser. Where necessary, voucher specimen examination was used by known experts to confirm identifications. Records under Chrysoperla carnea agg. probably include the true C. carnea together with C. lucasina and the recently described C. pallida.
Dataset Category Category 01: Dataset derived from Biological Records Centre or National Scheme/Society
Dataset Status Not Known
Data Entry Project Completion Date N/A
Date Imported 28/11/2019