D1893/001/01 - Riparia

Subject Invertebrates
Abstract The Riparia dataset is an accumulation of surveys from riparian habitats, mostly Exposed Riverine Sediments (ERS), such as shingle and sand. A large proportion of the data comes from Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and Natural England projects - where contractors were employed to survey these habitats. Also present are data from studies conducted by Birmingham University. The vast majority of records are beetles and the data includes the method of capture.
Species Groups Insect - Beetle (Coleoptera) [678], Insect - True Bug (Hemiptera) [1], Spider (Araneae) [2]
Geographic Coverage/Site Name General: Great Britain
Geographic Coverage Notes Great Britain, but data from Scotland is sparse.
Dataset Owner Natural England
Dataset Contact Jon Webb
Date Range 1859 - 2015
Total Records 681
Restriction Details Standard Restrictions Only
Acknowledgements Natural England (NBN Download, 05/12/2019)
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Original Title Riparia
Capture Methods Buglife was contracted to undertake a desk study, contacting various parties who were known to hold data. The records were then transferred onto a master Excel spreadsheet which, in turn, has been added to and updated. All original data owners were consulted and agreed to the publication of their data at the precision provided within this dataset.
Verification/Validation Procedures There is a high degree of confidence in the data. All the recorders are known specialists (or are working with specialists) with plenty of experience. Appropriate methods were used in the survey, such as timed searches, shingle excavation and setting pitfalls. This dataset represents a collation of in-depth, focused survey work on an important habitat.
Data Collated by Buglife
National Scheme Organisers Natural England
Dataset Category Category 01: Dataset derived from Biological Records Centre or National Scheme/Society
Dataset Status Not Known
Data Entry Project Completion Date N/A
Date Imported 05/12/2019