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Have you seen a Curlew?

The North Wales Curlew Action Group need you to report sightings of this highly endangered bird during the breeding season (April-July) in North Wales to assess their numbers and improve their conservation.

The Curlew, with its long legs, large brown body and long, down-curved bill, is one of the most iconic and easily recognised birds of the Welsh landscape. Its distinct and evocative spring 'cour-eee' call, from which it gets its common name, is fast becoming rare.

It is estimated that since the 1990's, Wales has lost up to 80% of its breeding Curlew population. It is widely considered that there may now be less than 400 breeding pairs in Wales. Curlews are rapidly edging towards extinction as a breeding species in Wales and we urgently require information to locate breeding pairs and target conservation measures to protect them.

This may come as a surprise to those who regularly see large numbers of Curlew in Wales, as migrants arrive at our coasts from August onwards, remaining until spring. These birds are winter visitors predominantly from other parts of the UK and continental Europe.

Taking Part

We would like you to report where you've seen or heard Curlew. To do this you'll need to either Log In or Register (it will only take a couple of minutes) to our Online Recording System. Then choose Enter Records and the Curlew Cymru Project, filling in as much detail as possible about what you've seen.

If you would like to get more directly involved with a survey in North East Wales, please contact the appropriate person for your county:

The information will be used to determine how many breeding pairs we have and where they are to help us develop conservation measures for this enigmatic and well-loved species.