D1783/001/01 - Records from an invertebrate study on Migneint

Subject Invertebrates
Abstract Includes Carabidae and Tipulidae records from 2015 and 2016 field seasons on Migneint
Species Groups Insect - Beetle (Coleoptera) [17], Insect - True Fly (Diptera) [7]
Geographic Coverage/Site Name Unitary Authority: Conwy
Geographic Coverage Notes All records from 52°58'05.9"N, 3°50'28.4"W, SH 76446 42848
Dataset Owner Stefanie Carter, Peter Dennis, Chris Evans
Dataset Contact Stefanie Carter
Date Range 2015 - 2016
Total Records 24
Restriction Details Standard Restrictions Only
Acknowledgements Stefanie Carter & Aberystwyth University
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Original Title Records from an invertebrate study on Migneint
Temporal Coverage Notes 2015-2016
Purpose Part of a PhD study.
Capture Methods Carabidae: 68 barrier pitfall traps (1 m polyethylene sheet and one plastic cup on either end, 7.5cm opening, filled with 100 ml water and ehtylene glycol (1:1)) Tipuloidae: 2 x 68 (one set per year) emergence traps (baskets covering 0.11 m2, lined with yellow sticky plates)
Verification/Validation Procedures Identification of Carabidae followed Luff, M.L. (2007) The Carabidae (ground beetles) of Britain and Ireland. Field Studies Council, Shrewsbury. Identification of Tipuloidae followed Stubbs & Kramer (2016) online keys available from http://ccw.naturalis.nl/index.php
Data Collected by Stefanie Carter
Dataset Category Category 04: Dataset awaiting/undergoing assessment as part of the Cofnod Data Verification Process
Dataset Status Dataset Complete
Data Entry Project Completion Date N/A
Date Imported 24/08/2017