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Submit a record to the Wales Online Amphibian & Reptile Atlas

The Wales Online Amphibian & Reptile Atlas (arc.cofnod.org.uk) aims to display all amphibian and reptile sightings we have in Wales, and hopefully encourage you to fill in the gaps!

These records are an essential resource for conserving these wonderful creatures. We can build up a picture of species' distribution that will show where they are doing well, and not so well, which can inform conservation decisions and practical conservation on the ground.

You can submit a sighting using the Atlas website but a better option is to use the Cofnod Online Recording System, where you can watch your records build over time.

If you are not registered on the Cofnod website, please fill in a registration form (this should only take a couple of minutes).

If you are already registered, log in then follow the instructions below...

Choose Enter Records Button then

You then need to enter what species you saw, when and where and any other details like how many etc. 

Thank you for entering your records and contributing towards this exciting new project!